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                WENZHOU LENGTH LIGHT INDUSTRY CO.LTDWenzhou Longtai Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.Wenzhou Longtai Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979, specializing in the design and manufacture of fluid equipment, is China's stainless steel container production enterprises in the first through the ISO-9002 quality system certification of enterprises. Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province has a first-class management, well-equipped equipment processing, production base - Wenzhou Longtai Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou with a modern marketing company and room service center. more


                Longtai people use sophisticated production equipment, a new industrial concept and strong technical force to produce high-quality end products in line with international standards, thus accelerating the pace of the industrialization of enterprises. Whether it is the choice of raw materials or products manufactured factory inspection, Longtai per capita, in a haphazard manner in strict accordance with international standards to ensure that the factory product qualification rate remained at 100%, and truly ensure that the product of excellent quality.

                Product Center


                Wenzhou Yongqiang Avenue, No. 2088


                +86 577 8681 9887

                +86 150-6781-8298 (mobile phone)

                WENZHOU LENGTH LIGHT INDUSTRY CO.LTDR?2016.?All?Rights?Reserved